Our Operations in Canada Stretch
From Sea to Sea

Erickson is Canada’s largest and most diversified heavy-lift helicopter operator. We have served Canada for harvesting timber in British Columbia to lifting gondolas in Banff. We have even moved snow for events in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. We are proud to operate our aircraft for all purposes, in all provinces and territories.

We operate a variety of aircraft in Canada including the S64 Aircrane, Bell 214ST, AS350 and many more. With lift capacity of 25,000 lbs. and precision placement capability, the S64 Aircrane is ideally suited for precision heavy-lifting in the timber harvesting, oil and gas, construction, mining and fire suppression industries.

Multi-Mission Capability

  • Timber Harvesting – For many years, Erickson has excelled at providing heavy-lift services to British Columbia’s logging industry. Erickson pioneered and perfected the stem and buncher harvesting process during this time, establishing it as a leading innovator in the timber harvesting industry. See more on Timber page.
  • Construction – For areas that may be inaccessible to land-based construction teams, the tremendous lift capacity of our Erickson S-64 Aircrane and our patented anti-rotation rigging system combine for the ideal construction crane system. Erickson has decades of experience in powerline, ski lift and tramway construction. Our Aircrane teams have remarkable piloting skill, massive lift capacity, and quick, precise placement abilities. We can transport an entire tower and cross-arm ski lift structure up to the set site and keep it stationary and level while crews bolt it down. See more on our Construction page.
  • Oil & Gas – Erickson has significant experience performing lift services to move drill rigs, platforms and pipeline equipment using our robust and reliable Erickson S-64 Aircrane. Through our busy operations, we have established a respected reputation for on-time reliability and outstanding operational availability. See more on our Oil & Gas page.
  • Mining – Accessing remote terrain for mining and mineral exploration is a hallmark of the Erickson fleet. We have participated in successful mining projects in Nunavut, Ottawa and Alberta… Equipment Moves, Powerline Construction, Supply Transportation, Fire Suppression and Oil Spill Abatement.
  • Firefighting – Equipped to drop 2,600 gallons of water in a single load, Erickson’s aircraft are known worldwide for fighting wildfires. The S-64 Aircrane Helitanker is recognized worldwide as the best system for high volume precision delivery of water, Class ‘A’ foam, and fire retardant from the air. See more on our Firefighting page.

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