The country had invested in fixed-wing aircraft for firefighting, but found they needed to be nimble in their approach to purchasing aircraft vs. leasing aircraft, while using modern and well-maintained equipment. In purchasing aircraft, they would be responsible for the crews and maintenance. In leasing aircraft, crews and maintenance are included. Greece needs aerial firefighting, assets, and crew on an annual basis starting in May and running through the end of October.  

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Erickson, Inc., in partnership with AK Aviation Support Services, offers a contracted turnkey solution that includes the supply of the S-64 Air Crane® Helicopter with pilots, maintenance crew, and on-site management for 120 days (about four months) during fire season in Greece. Contingent on geographic risk, the aircraft are strategically placed throughout the country, with single aircraft in some locations, and multiple aircraft in others. The signature equipment on the S-64 includes mission-specific aerial firefighting items like the sea snorkel, pond snorkel, and fire tank. Crew can work directly with ground firefighters to help drop thousands of gallons of water onto fast-moving fires. Gary Harmon, on-site in Greece manages the project from April to September. He said they have had success in Greece because, “primarily we are on contract; we are well organized with our logistics team, and the crews are well versed in the Greek operations.” Erickson is providing a total custom solution to the country of Greece, and to other countries as well during their fire seasons.  





Total crew and support