The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, as well as Erickson corporate policy, require routine aptitude demonstrations at predetermined intervals. Historically, a significant amount of agency and internal resources were expended coordinating proficiency checks to ensure continual pilot currency.

Aside from recognizing an opportunity to improve the agency certification process, Erickson leadership also sought a formalized avenue to offer continued professional development, networking, and team building opportunities to pilots and mechanics.

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In response to the identified challenges and objectives, Erickson’s Center of Excellence S-64 Pilot and Training Manager, Dennis Hahn, in conjunction with the Director of Operations, Ray Touzeau, began developing a formal annual training program that has set Erickson apart as an industry leader in its approach to certification organization, training, and professional development. Aside from creating a one-stop-shop for all annual proficiency checks and eliminating the time-consuming coordination required between internal and agency stakeholders, Erickson also developed a curriculum that provided pilots the opportunity to remain apprised and refreshed on pertinent company and industry information, while also continuously enhancing their skillsets. Additionally, because the caliber of the training program is unprecedented in the industry, Erickson also designed the training program to be accessible to customers to include global S-64 operators and operators of military variants.   



total hours for both training sessions


additional hours for new hires & FAA training