Fighting Fire with an S-64 Air Crane® Helicopter on Rotor Radio

February 4, 2021

Erickson’s, Keith Gill and Rotor Radios, Dan Parsons share a compelling conversation on Rotor Radio’s new podcast about fighting fires with an Erickson S-64 Air Crane® Helicopter. When wildfires are at their worst, as they have been in recent years, there are few more potent weapons than the giant orange dragonfly that is the Erickson S-64 Air Crane® Helicopter. S-64 pilot and training captain, Keith Gill joins Rotor Radio to discuss the unique helicopter’s firefighting abilities. Flying for Oregon-based Erickson, Gill has followed the fire season around the globe from Australia to Greece to the western U.S. most years for the better part of four decades. 

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“There’s no magic to firefighting. The faster you get there and the sooner you put a lot of fire retardant on it, the faster you can put it out. It’s really that simple.” 

Keith Gill, S-64 Pilot and Training Captain at Erickson Incorporated