We Serve Those Who Serve Us

A look into Erickson’s partnership with U.S. Government and other Prime Contractors 

Published December 16, 2021

By Ryan Perkins, Sr. Director of Defense Business Development & Sales

With nearly 25% of the workforce at Erickson being military veterans, including CEO Doug Kitani, it is no mystery why Erickson has made supporting our U.S. military a top priority and pillar of the company’s strategic goals. Erickson has supported the U.S. government for decades as Evergreen Aviation (acquired by Erickson, Inc. in 2013) with aerial support. Today, we continue that support by focusing on our core competencies of MRO and Manufacturing to support the sustainment of military aircraft across multiple platforms.   

As a prime contractor and in partnership with other prime contractors, we have brought the U.S. government heavy maintenance solutions for aircraft and components, and manufacturing solutions for critical replacement parts that help extend the operational life of critical components and structures. In 2013, we produced tail pylon assemblies for the H-53E under contract with Sikorsky Aircraft Company, supporting the Naval supply chain. This effort was considered a “cold start” program, where the component has been out of production for many years. It requires engineering support, tooling design and manufacturing support, supply chain support for obsolescence material and vendors, and manufacturing and assembly. Since this effort, Erickson has manufactured thousands of parts supporting the H-53E and taken on large-scale airframe projects to support fleet requirements. 

In 2016 Erickson launched an aircraft refurbishment program in partnership with Adams Communications Engineering and Technology and was tasked to bring two MH-53E helicopters back into service to support the operating fleet for the Navy. Since October of 2016, Erickson has received nine additional H-53E aircraft for different maintenance evolutions including, Planned Maintenance Interval (PMI) and RESET. Erickson delivered its first H-53E helicopter to the Marine Squadron HMH-361 in late October 2017 after prototyping the first of its kind Depot level (PMID) and RESET combination maintenance event on the aircraft. 

In 2017, Erickson took on four S80/MH-53E aircraft at our facilities for Radiological Contamination (RADCON) inspection and Depot Level Maintenance (PMID) that were being repatriated from Japan. In 2020, the Navy decided to strike the four aircraft at Erickson and send them to the boneyard in 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG). We supported maintenance and component inspections on those aircraft and associated parts and assemblies.  

In 2019, we received two H-1 helicopters for special inspection and potential restoration. Erickson completed the material condition inspections and inventory of the aircraft; however, the Marine Corps decided to send these aircraft to the boneyard as well. Erickson has delivered seven aircraft to the fleet in flight-ready condition and six to AMARG for storage. We continue to provide service to the CH-53E for Reserve Squadron HMH-772 by providing RESET, with one aircraft currently in work. 

Erickson has received authorization to support components with overhaul and repair and is currently overhauling ten H-53E tail pylons for Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP). Erickson delivered the first tail pylon in November 2021 and plans to deliver four pylons in 2022 and five pylons in 2023. We also have the approval to support the JFC-42 Fuel Control for the T-64 engine that we are currently building the capabilities to support. Erickson has invested in infrastructure and personnel to support the military and our industry partners with MRO and manufacturing support.   

We currently hold seats on six multi-award contracts and are actively pursuing task orders that meet our core competencies of maintenance, modification, manufacturing, and aerial operations. Contracts include Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) KRACEn and Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD FRP), the U.S. Navy’s Seaport NxGen, U.S. Air Force’s SOF/PR, and two GSA contracts ASTRO and GSA Multi-Award Schedule. We have invested time and effort into obtaining seats on these contracts as a vehicle to support our U.S. Military customer base. We continue to find new ways to support our customers via direct contract or industry partnership, to bring innovative and quality maintenance solutions to warfighters.   

Learn more about our support for the U.S. military and explore our defense aviation solutions: https://ericksoninc.com/explore-defense/