A major retail logistics company south of Cincinnati, Ohio built a new facility at a busy commercial airport serving delivery service companies. The rooftop of the new facility, about 1,300 feet in length, needed rapid installation of 48 air handling units, the heaviest of which was 16,000 pounds.

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The customer hired Erickson Incorporated to bring in the S-64F Air Crane® Helicopter, along with experienced personnel to complete the job. The helicopter was a more effective method than a land crane, and rapidly solved a customer problem.



Lifted In Four Hours


Employees From Erickson Completed the Job


Heaviest Unit Lifted

I have had the privilege of working with Erickson on four different projects that involved helicopter lifts. Every time Erickson exceeded our expectations. Erickson was always professional in every interaction we had with them and our client. Each project had a different challenge, but Erickson was able to provide us guidance to help ensure that each lift was successful. I am proud to have worked with Erickson and view them as a trusted partner.

- Daryl Orth, Thomas J. Dyer Company