Vita Inclinata and Erickson Tackle Load Stabilization, Safety, Efficiency, and Training

February 10, 2021

Erickson and Vita Inclinata Technologies, a technology company have entered a partnership to investigate how load stabilization impacts safety, operational efficiency, and training. The partnership will collect data on Vita’s LSS system performance for research & development in Erickson’s unique and demanding operating conditions, then apply that data to refine or adapt the LSS for those conditions as needed. The next tests have already been scheduled, pairing Erickson’s Bell 214ST with Vita’s LSS-Litter Attachment (LA).

“Erickson is excited to work with Vita Inclinata, an organization which shares our commitment to innovation. We look forward to continued collaborations and moving forward with a shared vision for the future of load stability systems and providing next generation solutions supporting customer’s needs,”

Brittany Black, SVP Sales, Business Development, and Marketing for Erickson Inc.