Watch now: Aerial Firefighting Roundtable on innovation in the global fight against wildfire

July 20, 2021

AirMed&Rescue plays host to Jeff Baxter from Erickson Inc., Brett L’Esperance of Dauntless Air, and Brian Collins of Intterra, for an in-depth discussion on innovation and excellence in aerial firefighting.

The AirMed&Rescue and Erickson firefighting roundtable, profiling the latest developments in aerial firefighting, is now available to watch. 

AirMed&Rescue invited three experts in their fields to discuss the challenges the aerial firefighting industry is facing, with more extreme fire events causing more damage to homes and business in North America. How technology is being applied to the problem is vital – from how Erickson has invested millions of dollars in its S-64 Air Crane to make it more powerful and more efficient, to how Dauntless Air are enhancing safety and efficacy of its Fireboss fleet, and the ways in which Intterra can share data between ground and aerial firefighters to enable quicker response times and ensure the maximum force multiplier effect. Innovation, and further investment in technological solutions, are key to how aerial firefighting operations continue to develop their offerings and enhance the services they are able to offer to governments around the world.

In the roundtable, Jeff Baxter, Senior Director of Research and Development at Erickson, Brett L’Esperance, CEO of Dauntless Air, and Brian Collins, CEO of Intterra, discuss the most groundbreaking current and future adaptations to aircraft and mutual aid approaches within aerial firefighting.

Read the full article below, where you can watch the entire roundtable discussion.

From AirMed&Rescue