Chris Schuldt on Preservation Principle | Northwest Aerospace

Erickson has been making and servicing utility aircraft for close to 50 years. Their applications, services, and focus are impressive in the preservation of land and life.

Hovering 2,000 feet over a wildfire and illuminated by a bright orange sky, the Erickson S-64 helicopter prepares to dump a payload of 2,600 gallons of water over a fire. The vision of the helicopter in this extreme environment is one example of the type of work conducted by Erickson to preserve land and the people and infrastructure of a region.

It looks like high adventure to see the other applications of Erickson aircraft, a varied fleet of over 40 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, including 18, S-64 Air Crane® helicopters, that are contracted to provide services on at least six continents – North America, South America (Peru and Chile), Europe – (Greece and Italy), Africa, Australia and Asia. However, when dialing down into the missions being performed, it is easier to see that helicopters hanging over naval ships in choppy seas or transporting 25,000 pounds of transmission equipment over a wetland is really all about protection.

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Read the full interview by Northwest Aerospace with Chris Schuldt, VP Marketing and Air Operations Center of Excellence at Erickson Incorporated.

By Jennifer Ferrero, APR, DTM