Erickson Providence Place HVAC Lift Draws Spectators

In March, on Easter Sunday, Aircrane N159AC replaced 23 air-conditioning units on the roof of Providence Place Mall in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Because of the urban setting, the Aircrane’s work quickly drew a crowd of spectators in person and online.


Local NBC affiliate Channel 10 said, “It became a sightseeing attraction of sorts in downtown Providence on Easter Sunday…[and] drew spectators who were mesmerized by the process. One spectator, Andrew Guerra, read about the project online and came to see the spectacle in person “It’s pretty amazing to see something like this in Rhode Island, as it tends to happen in bigger cities, never seen something like this so close to home,” he said.

Several bystanders shared their images and videos online, which were shared on Erickson social media channels. The image drawing the most activity online however was the one (above) taken by Aircrane Pilot Rob Chambers in front of the state capitol building.