Erickson Employees Honored

Diligent employees inspire others through commitment to goals.

In the motion picture industry, celebrity awards programs are a great time to dress up and hobnob with the wealthy and influential. When employees are honored in a company, it can be met with mixed feelings of excitement and joy vs. humbleness.

At Erickson Inc., employees are very committed to the company. It is partially because of the mission of saving lives and property through firefighting, military, and even civilian missions.

But there is an enviable commitment to the concept of “team” and supporting those around you within this company.

This past February, a list of Erickson employees was honored. Due to the pandemic, their awards were not recognized in a formal social event, surrounded by their peers and leaders.

Therefore, we are honoring them in this blog post to let everyone know more about the commitment to excellence. Here are stories from a few of them.

Featured Winners

Hubie Heuberger
Hubie Heuberger | Pilot

What did winning this award mean to you?
Honestly, I feel a bit ashamed for getting this award – for which I feel really honored. But I just did my job as a pilot. I have been proud to be a part of the great Erickson family and company for 21 years! The Erickson family and company have always been great and helpful to me. I have never felt let down or alone during my time as an employee.

What values have guided you to achieve your goals?
To be able to give at least something back to the company during this difficult last year was a big motivation for me! And there are so many people at Erickson that enable me to fulfill my duty because of their support.

David Ackley | Lead Mechanic
Fourth from the left: David Ackley

What did winning this award mean to you?
Winning this award means to me that I am doing my job of managing my team and giving them what they need to put out safe aircraft and support our customers day after day.

What values have guided you to achieve your goals?
All of Erickson’s company values are important. If you keep safety, integrity, and tenacity, at the forefront, I think the rest falls in line. It is important to value and invest in people. If you take care of your people, they will take care of you.

I try to give my all every day and in return, Erickson has taken care of me for the past 10 years. As a Lead Mechanic for most of that time, I give credit to my team members past and present for the things I have been able to accomplish.

Just like military deployments, we become a family away from home in the field. This type of work is also not possible without the support of your family at home. I have enjoyed all the different contracts I have been on, and I look forward to more good things to come with Erickson.

Third from left: Troy Opheikens
Troy Opheikens | Field Mechanic

What did winning this award mean to you?
I was surprised by receiving this award. I know of others that are more deserving of it.

What values have guided you to achieve your goals?
My goal has always been to follow the example of others of times past that have gone before me.

Aaron White, PMP | Sr. Program Manager, Government Services
Aaron White

What did winning this award mean to you?
What this award means to me has two aspects. The first is that I appreciate this recognition of my leadership and impact on the company. There are many talented and dedicated managers at Erickson, and I am humbled to be recognized in such a way as this. The second aspect is a sense of responsibility to continue to be that manager that my coworkers and customers can respect and rely on.

What values have guided you to achieve your goals?
In my role here at Erickson, communication, coordination, and confrontation are essential aspects of my work. In communication, my value is to always have honest intentions that are also multi-directional. As I interact with customers, coworkers, clients, and teammates, we will not always agree or approach things the same way, but it is important to have those conversations and understand all perspectives. Coordination is important with teamwork. We cannot work alone, and what I do daily impacts my coworkers. Lastly, confrontation should not always be a negative thing. My favorite questions are how and why because they lead me to be accountable and responsible for what I do. I should be able to defend each decision I make, and I also guide those I supervise to ask those same questions in their daily work. We operate in a very dynamic environment, and actions and processes that were applicable yesterday or last year may not be the right answer today, so I try to always embrace feedback and continually look for ways to improve.

Featured Honorable Mentions for 2020

Alan Holmes | Lead Mechanic
Alan Holmes

What did the honorable mention mean to you?
I was very humbled by such an honor. I was really taken back to be recognized. It meant a great deal to me. To know that my managers think of me in this regard is satisfaction enough.

What values have guided you to achieve your goals?
The values that led me to win such an award came from over 24 years in service to my country in the United States Air Force and 12 years as a member of the Erickson team. Mission first, people always! I just try to take care of my guys and make sure that we can meet our mission needs daily. Service before self and excellence in all we do.

I am just honored to be recognized.

Deven Anderson | Senior Program Manager

What did the honorable mention mean to you?
It was nice to be recognized but at the same time, I felt like I am just doing my job.

What values have guided you to achieve your goals?
My values have been to try and always put in a strong effort to succeed at what I am trying to accomplish, and hopefully inspire others along the way. A second value is to also make sure you have a firm understanding of what you are trying to accomplish or what you are asking others to accomplish

First on right: Deven Anderson

All Employee Winners for 2020

Pilots of the Year

Winners: Hubie Heuberger – Pilot, and Harlan Dixon – Pilot

Maintainers of the Year

Winners: David Ackley – Lead Mechanic, and Troy Opheikens – Field Mechanic III S64

Honorable Mention: Alan Holmes – Lead Mechanic, Mike Terry – Aircraft Mechanic 3, and Chris Shaw – Aircraft Mechanic 3

Manager of the Year

Winner: Aaron White – Senior Program Manager

Honorable Mention: Richard Foote – Field Maintenance Aircraft Manager, and Deven Andersen – Senior Program Manager

Safety Advocate of the Year

Winner: James Moulsdale – Environmental Program Manager

Culture and Values Advocate of the Year

Winner: Rick Clark – Aircraft Manufacturing & MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) Manager

Honorable Mentions: Kenny Chapman – Pilot, and Allen Wanamaker – Senior Director of Aerial Programs