OEMs traditionally strain to balance support of aging low-density fleets with key priorities of innovation and new platform development. Bell struggled to offer adequate aftermarket support after three decades of service tenure and sought a creative solution.

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Bell remained committed to providing an aftermarket solution for their product line and explored sustainment solutions. Erickson was uniquely qualified to offer a solution with 50 years of past performance in legacy support. Prior Type Certificate acquisitions with Sikorsky and Pratt and Whitney affirmed confidence with Bell that Erickson was the right partner. Bell/Textron executed a license agreement in 2015 that placed aftermarket support for the 214 platform with Erickson. Five years later, in August 2020, Erickson Inc. acquired the 214ST and 214 B/B1 Type Certificates. This is a remarkable opportunity for Erickson to revitalize a legacy platform with an exceptional mission portfolio. Erickson’s tenure as an operator affects our approach to legacy sustainment with a keen emphasis on reduced DMC’s. This approach is intentionally unconventional. By offering group discounts and pooling participation, all 214 operators can benefit from direct economies of scale. Erickson looks forward to improving speed to market and innovating a proven platform to secure viability long into the future.





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