The S-64F+

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The World’s Best Firefighting Platform

From Legacy to Legendary

The increased duration and intensity of global fire seasons have escalated operators’ need to fight wildfires from the sky at night. Often, aerial firefighting is suspended after daylight due to certain pilot safety issues, regulatory hurdles, and technology limitations. Erickson Incorporated is tackling this head-on by collaborating with trusted aerospace companies like Sikorsky to build the new S-64F+ Air Crane® helicopter. This new model aircraft redefines aerial firefighting and heavy-lift capabilities by combining time-tested features with game-changing innovations and upgrades.

* The S-64F+ is currently in the product development stage, and no projected date has been announced.

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Fuel Cost Savings With New Engine


Payload Increase With Composite Blades


(230 feet) of effective range with water cannon

Composite Main Rotor Blades

Several years ago Erickson was faced with a dire situation for its flagship platform, the S-64: Create more main rotor blades or eventually ground the entire S-64 fleet. Over time these blades wore out due to the high-demand for flight hours of the uniquely-capable heavy lifting S-64. Then came the eventual retirement of the old blades — and the opportunity to engineer a new product that would enhance the S-64 legacy fleet.

Official FAA certification was announced in December 2020. Read the full press release here.

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Enhanced Water Cannon

Our newly patented aerial water cannon is created to be the world’s largest flow rate and most powerful, longest-reaching water cannon. Our engineering group can tackle intricate system designs, and together, we can build a plan to solve your most complex challenges.

There are several benefits to utilizing aerial assets equipped with water enhancement products to suppress wildfires, which include:

  • Simplifying precision for wildland firefighting
  • Expanding use cases to include power transmission line washing
  • Assisting metropolitan areas in urban firefighting

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Erickson is integrating Sikorsky’s MATRIX™ Technology autonomy suite with the S-64, enabling autonomous operation in challenging environments. The MATRIX™ system will allow firefighting operations in reduced visibility environments, including in heavy smoke and after sunset, a capability that does not exist anywhere in the world today.

Erickson and Sikorsky announce signed agreement in January 2020. Read the full press release here.

SIKORSKY® and MATRIX are trademarks of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

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Engine Upgrade & Modernization

Sourcing an enhanced engine will answer some key sustainability questions about how to increase fuel efficiency and flight time. The current engine models have been in use for over 50 years and offer outstanding capabilities for Erickson’s worldwide missions. But, as industrial design and technology improves across the aviation industry, it is time to review new capabilities for the Erickson engine.

With the new engine, the aircraft will be more fuel efficient, and will feature a full-authority digital engine controller or FADEC (instead of manual controls) and will be able to lift more at high altitudes or in hot environments as well as improving flight time. Over the next few years, Erickson is revamping the legacy S-64 with enhancements that will enable bigger, bolder services to firefighting, military, and civilian projects.

Global Financing Options With EXIM Bank

EXIM Bank provides financing options that make the purchase of an S-64 quite feasible. New aircraft qualify for terms of up to 12 years, available in both floating and fixed interest rates, with a minimum 15% down payment. Spare parts may also be included, with various options available. To learn more, get in touch with a sales representative today.

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