Celebrating 50 Years

Helicopters do the job that no one else will do, and Erickson does the job that no other helicopter would do.

December 17, 2021 marked 50 years of operation for Erickson Incorporated.
In honor of this milestone, we have curated this page to highlight our employees, successes, and innovations.

The Stories that Shaped Us

Digital Downloads

From Legacy to Legendary – Corporate Video Full
From Legacy to Legendary – Corporate Video Trailer

Building the Future of Aerospace
Erickson’s 50th Anniversary Video by RotorcraftPro

Why We Love Working at Erickson

Being surrounded by highly qualified and experienced coworkers. The drive and shared desire to be part of a winning team.

– Aaron (Jess) Stolp, Avionics and Electrical Design/Engineering

I enjoy the people I work with and having the ability to expand and learn more.

– Steve Derry, senior manager of airworthiness compliance and CASS

The relationships built in the industry from a personal and professional level – I pride myself on those relationships. Maintaining those is a big part of the sales world. I have developed great personal friendships from this professional role. I wouldn’t have met these folks and had these opportunities – Erickson has given me exposure in all kinds of industries.

– Steve Reavis, commercial sales manager

The long-term employee relationships and that it is always our ability to innovate. There is a tremendous opportunity. The aircraft is a Swiss Army utility knife; it has the opportunity to be used in many applications.

– Ralph Sembach, customer tech support manager

The feeling of success for the company for the projects that I work on. I feel successful in my position, and I feel it helps the company overall.

– Chris Erickson, senior quality manager

Helping to keep a legendary helicopter flying.

– Mark Wiltrout, senior tech for fuel control/aircraft mechanic

Defining Moments

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